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eco retreat center

When we get wings, we elevate ourselves

Quinta Alada is born of a dream of create another world. Our farm is Winged because it is magical, it transforms us and elevates us. It is an enchanted world, where you sleep on top of the trees, under the stars, where you hear the frogs' coaching, the song of birds, the resting of leaves, a white horse mounts, eat organic, where one lives in harmony with all the beings. A space of growth, creativity and healing.We want to create a paradise where love, freedom, growth, peace and ecology reign, discovering the secrets of life with Mother Nature wisdom.


BE Welcome!


Retreats Portugal

In the heart of nature, we offer and organize retreats focused on self-awareness and personal development. Connect with your essence!  

Glampling Portugal

Sleeping in a Yurt, in a Hobbit house or on top of a tree are unforgettable experiences that transport us to the world of fantasy. Come dream with us!

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