Summer camp for kids

From 30th August until 3rd of September, 2020

We have developed a vacation program for children aged between 7 and 16 years, which consists of developing various activities in contact with Nature showing children how it is possible for Man to live in symbiosis and harmony with the Earth.

It is through these activities that we intend to educate children to respect the environment so that they can be aware of the causes and effects of climate change and understand what they can do to limit or reverse them, making them an effective hope for the future.

Thus, we want to transmit models of respect for Nature and living values ​​with

children, employees, families and the wider community.

This initiative involves professionals in the areas of educational psychology, energy and environmental engineering, contact with animals, organic farming, permaculture, music and other arts.

We aim to provide children with the NATURAL WORLD by cultivating the CONNECTION with themselves, with each other and with the environment in a POSITIVE and AUTHENTIC way.

Children are encouraged to work together as a team, cultivating friendly behavior and the following values:

• Contact with the rural environment
• Healthy and Organic Food

• Preservation of Natural Resources
• Preservation of Biodiversity and Animal Welfare
• The importance of contact with nature for good

child's physical, mental and emotional development
• Respect and civic, moral and democratic interaction between individuals
• Freedom of expression of ideas
• Self-confidence, self-esteem, autonomy and tranquility

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Morning: Contact  with animals and yoga classes

Afternoon: Ecological workshops (bio-construction, natural candles, basketry, medicinal plants, cooking) traditional and aquatic games
At the Moonlight: Night games, tales and star observation

Contribution: 350 euro

Includes :
Participation in all field activities,
Monitoring of monitors throughout the entire field,

Camping accommodation (Teepee)
Mostly organic and local food
Personal accident insurance


Organization : Quinta Alada IPJ registration number 10/2012 / DRAlentejo

In this event, the recommendations for mitigating the spread of the virus COVID19 proposed by the Portuguese Youth Institute will be fulfilled.