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Massages Portugal

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massage is a therapy for the body, mind and soul. The very slow and deep movements that are received in this massage will make people let go every kind of tensions, after that is only pure relax taking care of you and it makes you start to feel wonderful energy going deep each cell of your body and than you go out of your ego and you can touch the brightness of your true self.

60 min. / 25 euro

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage involves more than massage. In this massage we have the complement of the essential oils from the herbs (each one with their own skill). Entering in the breathing system this aromas will heal and relax what is needed.
The technique is the same as in relaxing massage.

60 min. / 25 euro

Hot Stone Massage    

The energy of the volcano stones is extraordinary. While the stones are recharging the Chakras, the rest of the body is being massaged with very slow and deep movement with and without stones healing all tensions.
This massage is perfect to balance the energetic body. After this therapy we are new beings.

80 min. / 30 euro

Tired legs and back massage

This massage will relax all the legs muscles.
Going deep with and slow and ascendent movements will make the legs feel floating.

30 min. / 15 euro

Back massage

Back is a the region of the human body where we acummulate more tensions. Is the place where lives our sacred vertebral column and Kundalini serpent. This massage will unblock each tension and free and clean the way for good energy can flow.

30 min. / 15 euro

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The oils used are made manually with organic ingredients from the farm.

Mafalda Godinho

She was born in Lisbon and lived there for 28 years working with massage and yoga, her passion! She studied massage at European School of Beauty and Healthy services; worked at ZenSationsSPA as massage therapist; and got more knowledge self taught and talents from the spiritual wisdom. Tired of the city, eight years ago she moved to an organic farm in Alentejo to carry out a herbalist and retreat center project working with adults and children. She lives there with people that she loves, in harmony within Nature. She does also her own oils !! Hari Om!

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