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Integral Yoga Retreat
"Yoga is much more than physical postures, it is based on the domain of fluctuations of the mind"

In the heart of the Alentejo, surrounded by nature, explore an authentic Yoga retreat. All practices will help you to release tension, creating conditions to reconnect you with your center, connecting you with the brilliance of your true being.



Day 1 

- 17h Arrival of participants   

- Sacred Sauna: Temazcal (sweat tent)

- Socializing and dining

Day 2 - Detox Day



- Detox breakfast

- Beginning of Integral Yoga Practice with Asana, pranayama, meditation, Nidra.
- Beginning of the Kryas (physical techniques for purifying the body)



- Continuation Kryas
- Yoga lectures with Gilda Cristovão

* Kryas- Yogis techniques for cleaning and purifying the physical body

Day 3


- Integral Yoga Practice

- Brunch


Sound Healing Concert with Cosmic Gong

* Therapeutic massages available by appointment *

What do we offer?

Integral Yoga Practices

Camping or Glamping

Eco-friendly bathrooms and hot showers

Swimming pool


Therapeutic massages


Vegetarian meals included

Minimum donation: 480 euro

Special guests

Sound Healing with Cosmic Gong

Pioneers in this therapy in Portugal, they aim to help individuals to awaken to the potential transforming sound through the vibrational field, contemplative portal and unifying consciences. Empower / harmonize the individual, in their health and well-being, by becoming aware of themselves.


Gilda Cristovão

"Yoga as a philosophy of life"

Speeches about yoga theory.

Yoga practitioner for about 30 years and teacher for 22 years, she has a law degree and a post-graduate degree in Environment. She has the Yoga teacher training course of the former National Yoga Union where she took advantage of all 5 exams over 5 years. She took the Yoga Deepening course for Teachers in India in Rishikesh with Swami Dharmananda. She attended several complementary courses in Switzerland, Spain, England and Nepal.

She is a teacher and president of the Portuguese Yoga Association of the South Zone and teaches at the Yoga and Arts Center in Almada.

Mafalda Godinho

Yoga practitioner at the Yoga and Arts Center since 2004 with professor Gilda Cristovão developed and deepened his knowledge in a self-taught way having started his training course in 2013. Graduated in Environmental Engineering, embarked on the adventure of herbalism studying the properties of medicinal plants in humans and building a 1 hectare medicinal garden with 15 different species of sacred plants.

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