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Yoga retreat for partners and family

Created especially for people who want to deeply strengthen their relationships, couples, families (mother / father with children) or whole families (parents and children), siblings, etc.


The retreat is basically composed of integral Yoga classes and postures that increase trust between partners, create moments of fun and strengthen communication between practitioners.


You will feel much more connected and attuned to your partner after this retreat expanding and rediscovering the best in the relationship.

It is carried out with a maximum of 4 groups simultaneously.

Yoga program for partners


Day 1

5h- Reception and presentation of space

8h - Vegetarian dinner

Day 2 and 3

9h - Yoga practice for two (2 hours)

12h - Vegetarian lunch

3h - Therapeutic Massage

18h - Walk

20h - Dinner


What do we offer?

Integral Yoga Practices

Camping or Glamping

Eco-friendly bathrooms and hot showers


Therapeutic massages


Personal accident insurance

Vegetarian meals included

Price per person: 290 euro (Discount for families over 2 people)

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